Julia Brown

thatloufella asked: Super stoked for the new album! What kinda quality are we expecting here: bedroom or studio? I mean, I guess if you have to master the songs first that would mean studio but I don't know enough about that stuff. Also, if not a digital release then just cassette and vinyl then I presume?

it was recorded almost entirely myself with some help from friends. mostly four track cassette, some 8 track, reel to reel, some songs using handheld cassette players as microphones into 4 track, some mixing all of it together, some done with computers - garageband, ableton, etc. nothing is really studio-quality and every song has gone through tape in some way while recording. mastering is still necessary just because of volume inconsistencies and to make things sound better/work as a full album. 

it took a long time to be happy about the sound we were going for and this album i am happy front to back finally. it took a while to figure it out, even song to song.

we dont have any cassette or vinyl plans and no plans to sell or distribute the album right now. i’ll let everyone know if any develop though 


this feels right 


this feels right 

Anonymous asked: yoooooo when does the new album come out !!!!?

right now there’s no plan to release it digitally at all.

i’ll let you know if there’s anything once we get it mastered

this feels right 

this feels right 


I hand painted this Julia Brown tee last night. But I got bean stains on it when I made my breakfast. 

this is rad as hell and we endorse it


I hand painted this Julia Brown tee last night. But I got bean stains on it when I made my breakfast. 

this is rad as hell and we endorse it


it’s still 420 on the west coast so why not here’s a song that was originally written for the new Julia Brown album “An abundance of strawberries” way, way back. i wrote it probably last april or may & this version of it was recorded around june around when i finally started work on the album forreal. i really like it but i don’t feel like it has any place on the record anymore and things have changed so much since we started. it was going to be the opening track. it never was named, originally being called “opening” and now being called “old opening”. i still really like this song. it just has no home. here are the lyrics

lying flat on my back next to you in the grass

we skipped class to hang out while your friends smoked crack, we got high in their house

i felt cold when i looked at the sun

& that was our first kiss

it almost broke my heart 

because we both knew what would tear us apart

also shout out to ap cause new art!

hey it’s a song from our album that doesn’t sound anything like the album does anymore but we still really like! 

i guess this is heaven, i hope it’s just like the song

at a book fair in fall, alone in a church parking lot

it’s not art it’s something much smaller than that

then i felt its bloom, different shades of blue

the static swelled in me right, i closed my eyes and wanted to cry

it’s not art it’s something much softer than that

it was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever felt and probably ever seen


Anonymous asked: where does the name julia brown come from?

it came to alec in a dream 

pretty-damn-shabby asked: Are any of the Teen Suicide albums getting another press on vinyl?

not that i know of but maybe one day